Mobilize VISION Takes Flight

Innovation Collaboration Customized for DoD

Securing America’s position as the most innovative and agile military in the world.


DENVER, COLORADO, October 20, 2021 - This month, Mobilize is going live with VISION (Virtual Innovation Support Integration Operations Network) Air Force-wide. VISION is a secure, cloud-based collaboration and innovation tracking, management, and reporting tool that was developed with requirements and small business funding from the Air Force’s AFWERX and AFIMSC. Stakeholders engaged in a year-long customization and testing process that included participants from every Air Force Major Command.

Innovation at Scale for Service Members

Customized in partnership with military innovation specialists, Mobilize VISION was developed with existing processes in mind, while also streamlining and normalizing those processes into an agile environment. Members can use VISION to locate, manage, and track innovation and improvement solutions. With VISION, leadership gains imperative insight to advance mission readiness and allocate resources while syncing innovation portfolios across the organization to accelerate change. 


It All Started on a Napkin

CTO, Jerry Ramey recounts “VISION began as a cluster-map drawing on a napkin – quickly showing the ability to use normalized data to enhance collaboration and provide a mission-aligned home base.” From this basic concept drawing, VISION was customized in tandem with Spark Cells, Airmen, and Innovation specialists throughout the Air Force to serve the various needs specific to military innovation and improvement.


Opportunities for Joint Collaboration 

The Mobilize team is in active conversations with representatives from every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces to scale the VISION platform throughout the Department of Defense. With this scalability, joint innovation efforts throughout the U.S. military will be streamlined and standardized to VISION’s powerful data algorithms, fostering DoD-wide communication and collaboration.

VISION is committed to maintaining America’s position as the most innovative and agile military in the world.

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What is VISION?

The United States Air Force needs an accessible, measurable, and scalable solution for tracking innovation progress, collaboration efforts, and investment success.

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