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Mobilize VISION is an intuitive, human-centered system for DoD visionaries that gives a clear look at all current innovation concepts and solutions, similarities view to pair innovations, and collaborative opportunities for Members – along with advanced project management and tracking features. Leaders and administrators have access to the real-time landscape of the innovation portfolio, funding, and analytics across the Enterprise.


Check the Pulse of Innovation

See the big picture of innovation through the Pulse. In this view, all users can check out hot innovations, funding summaries, innovation phases, and more.


Encourage Member-Wide Collaboration

Invite team members, collaborators and managers to innovate together to move projects forward.


Eliminate Innovation Silos

Innovators can see innovations similar to theirs in a dynamic view, showing opportunities for collaboration with other teams, eliminating innovation silos.

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Attend our Innovation Open Mic

Virtually join innovation leaders across the DoD for an opportunity to cross collaborate on real innovation concepts.

Wednesday, August 25th 3pm EST

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VISION is coming to the Air Force!

As an Air Force Veteran, I feel especially connected to this project. Using this platform to improve the lives of Airmen as well as increasing mission effectiveness is still foremost on my mind with the VISION platform.

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Innovation + Collaboration = VISION

As we all know – innovation is moving at breakneck speed – and the United States Air Force needs an accessible, measurable, and scalable solution for tracking innovation progress, collaboration efforts, and investment success.